Living Green
Rio Santa Fe works hard to orient residents to our “Living Green Program” in our community.  We provide each new resident with New Resident Green Handbook and an orientation that make residents a part of the energy-saving process.  We are working closely with our existing residents trying to identify benefits for residents to help them utilize our Living Green Program and educate new residents prior to their move-in.   Through our Living Green Program we evaluate each area where residents can have an impact on Green operations and we identify incentives (e.g., recognizing top energy savers and water savers, improving the community facilities, extending hours of the Community Center) to reward the desired results. 

Areas we are concentrating on are energy-saving items, water-saving items, recycling, carpooling, public transportation, compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) replacement programs, a new resident Green Welcome Package, and our regularly scheduled Green Orientation Session’s.

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